What is ROWViGOR?

ROWViGOR is a software company dedicated to providing rowing based fitness experiences that anyone can enjoy through a mobile application. We allow users to use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) to get live and archived classes, connect with others, track data, compete with each other and more! Click here to download the app. 

How do I get the ROWViGOR experience?

1) Go to the Apple ‘App Store’ 

2) Search for ‘ROWViGOR’ 

3) Download the app 

4) Set up your account and go!

How much does ROWViGOR cost?

The ROWViGOR software is FREE!  During our Beta launch we are giving the software away so take advantage because it won’t last long!

What if I don’t have a rowing machine, can I still use ROWViGOR?

The answer to that is ABSOLUTELY!  Although you won’t be able to track your data you have a couple of options: 1) You can substitute the rowing segments with whatever cardio you can do (jog in place, use the equipment you have access to etc) - send us a message on FB/Instagram/Twitter if you want some more specific information; or 2) You can buy a rowing machine from us with financing if you need it.  Just email us at sales@rowvigor.com; or 3) If you live in Colorado you can RENT a machine from ROWViGOR.  Email us at sales@rowvigor.com.  If you don’t live in Colorado but like the idea of renting a rowing machine let us know by emailing us at sales@rowvigor.com.

I want some of that cool ROWViGOR gear I see in the videos, how do I get some?

Our online store will be available soon but in the meantime just email us at sales@rowvigor.com and we’ll hook you up.

Will there be more classes available on the app?

YES! In addition to making our live classes available through the archive, we are also constantly updating the inventory with cool new stuff. Keep checking back for updates and sign up for our newsletter to stay on top of the latest class additions and pick up some fitness tips as well!

I love the ROWViGOR app and I want some personal training from one of the Coaches. Can I arrange it virtually?

YES!  We have the ability to do personal training virtually!   Just email Coach Fola at fola@rowvigor.com and he can hook you up with the right Coach and program for you.

I am having some technical difficulties with the app. Can you help?

Email us at support@rowvigor.com and we’ll walk you through it.

I am a personal trainer and I love what you are doing! How can I be a part of ROWViGOR!

Glad to hear that you want to be a part of the ROWViGOR movement.  Email Coach Fola at fola@rowvigor.com and let him know what you had in mind.

I would love to have ROWViGOR at my gym LIVE! Do you do that?!

ES and YES!  We actually started as a brick and mortar shop outside of Washington DC and have several packages for gyms and studios.  Email us at sales@rowvigor.com and let’s figure out how to do this!